• 3 Carhart Ave.
    White Plains, NY 10605-1495

    It’s Summer!  Are we excited? 

    We have much to be excited about here at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church.  For the past year due to COVID19, we have been confined to the safety of our homes, isolated from one another.  Thanks be to God, one year later many have been vaccinated throughout the world to protect us from the Coronavirus,  but more importantly to help bring some normalcy back to our lives.  This is truly “Good News”, God’s work being done by many scientists, doctors, researchers, elected officials, and ordinary individuals called to do an extraordinary task for the betterment of God’s creation. 

    We thank God for all of them.  I give thanks for all of you as we here at St. Matthew’s have reunited in person for worship and begin to establish events, ministries, and ideas to make St. Matthew’s an exciting and welcoming church.  We need your help, we need your enthusiasm, we need YOU and your passion for this community of faith that God has called you to be a part of – to grow in faith, to grow in hope, to grow in love, to grow in extending yourself to welcome others and build the body of Christ.   It’s never too early or too late, it’s never too old or too young.  It’s NOW, all of us coming together welcoming, embracing, and enthusiastically anticipating this moment we have long-awaited.   

    Summer is here!  The days are long and the light brightens our day for an extended period of time.  Let us allow that light to lead and guide us as we collectively do “God’s work with our hands.”  Let us collectively come up with events, ministries, and ideas not to just delegate but actually “Do”.  Let’s take action.  Let’s enjoy our time together!  Let us celebrate the body of Christ as we have a fresh, warm, welcoming start to our new way of living and appreciate post COVID19.  We here at St. Matthew’s are excited about the summer and coming together both in person and virtually. 

    Now, let us look ahead and begin to explore how individually we can do God’s work with our hands collectively.  Share the “Good News”.  The “Good News” God has given you to share not only by your words but actions as well.  Enjoy the summer.  Enjoy being around one another safely.  Enjoy your community of faith that seeks new, creative ideas from each of you in the life and ministry of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church.  Let us be the exciting, welcoming, loving community of faith God has called us to be a part of.  To share ourselves in mind, body, and spirit, led by the Holy Spirit.   Amen.