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  •  Way to go St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church!

    My Righteous God, you created us, male and female, in your image. Because we are made in your image, we are made to reflect your giving and generous nature. Therefore, we ask that you mold us to better reflect this image. Shape our hearts, minds, and souls that we might learn to give as freely as you give. For you are a God who holds nothing back but lays down even your own life for us. Amen.

     Way to go St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church!

     I want to inform all of you that in two weeks we were able to raise $2300. Your generous contributions have been sent to UNICEF Org, USA  as we assist the people of Turkey and Syria. As we pray for the people that have lost their homes and loved ones we pray for them and rest assured that our donations are going to help and bring comfort to those who are grieving at this time. 

     We may wonder, are we making a difference in this world we live in? The answer is: Yes!

     Every little bit helps, and we have expressed our support not only in Word but Action. 

     Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your willingness to serve those less fortunate than we are at this moment. Thank you for your prayers and contributions giving alms in the name of Jesus.

     “Whoever cares for the poor lends to the Lord, who will pay back the sum in full” (Prov. 19:17). 


     Rev. Jonathan J. Recabarren, Pastor